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WWTC History


In The Begining
The WWTC has been in existence in Waterford City for well over forty years, and if you take in some forerunning versions of the club, its roots can be traced all the way back to 1955 and beyond. It can all be traced back to the early ‘50’s in the Jute Factory, when a number of the workers with an interest in weight training and fitness came together to pursue their passion in a sport which was far from popular in Ireland at the time. In 1955 a number of these workers including Michael Power and Frank Waters set up a gym in the Tycor Pavilion. Others who would have trained with the lads at the time would have been Jim Grace, Danny Connolly and Tony Caulfield.
Michael Power WWTC Founder

D.I.Y Gym Equipment
Naturally in 1950’s Waterford gym equipment was far from available and even less affordable but that didn’t stop the members of the fledgling new club. Michael Power explains: “Well as we used to work in the engineering side of the Jute Factory we used to make all our own equipment. Anything that we could use as a weight or turn into one, was used. We used to make them out of five gallon drums and fill them with concrete and from anything else that we could lay our hands on. We would see pictures of the different forms of equipment in magazines that we used to get from England and then set about building our own version of them.”
Michael Power WWTC Founder


Moving On..
In 1962 the club became the Waterford Weight Training Club for the first time and was founded by Michael Power, Frank Waters and Tom Hayes. Shortly afterwards a committee was formed. Michael Power was the first chairman, Tom Hayes the first treasurer and Frank the first secretary. There where twelve members in the original club. Over the years the club has catered for 1000’s of members, many of which have now been with the club for over thirty years, along with founding members Michael (R.I.P) and Frank. In 1992 the club purchased the old Atlantis Leisure Centre in Penrose Lane and after twelve years there they sold the premises and purchased the new premises at the Northern Extension.

In 1974 Tony Walsh became the first Irish man to take part in the World Power Lifting Championships. Since then the club has many other lifters compete for Ireland also. One of the real highlights in the clubs history came in 2000 when the club hosted the EU Cup Power-lifting Championships at WIT. 11 countries took part and Ireland won the team event with a wonderful tally of three gold, one silver and one bronze. Tommy Colfer from the local club was a member of the successful Irish team. The club has also had its share of success in body building and has produced national champions such as Eddie Walsh, David Cretzan, Tommy Colfer, and Charles Cheevers. The club has also won several inter-provincial and national titles over the years.

Charles Cheevers at Mr South East Coast Ireland 1991

New Gym Opening in 2005


Spring Classic 2008


Spring Classic 2010
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